How we can help


The main way in which people and companies seek to protect themselves from an uncertain future is by entering into contracts. A well-crafted contract is worth many times its weight in gold by resolving in advance important issues and avoiding potential problems in the future. Here, at The Marhoffer Law Firm, PLLC, our forte is in drafting clear and effective contracts to meet your specific business needs. We will also negotiate on your behalf with the other parties to the agreement and their attorneys. Some of the different contracts that we can draft and negotiate for you include:

Business Formation

– Corporation’s Articles of Incorporation
– Corporation’s By-laws
– Corporation’s Shareholders’ Agreements
– LLC’s Articles of Organization
– LLC’s Operating Agreement

Sales & Leases

– Business Asset Purchases
– Business Stock Purchases
– Real Estate Purchase Agreements
– Commercial Leases
– Residential Leases

Entertainment Law

– Option & Purchase Agreements
– Licensing Agreements
– Distribution Agreements
– Product Placement & Sponsorship Agreements
– Performer Agreements

Wills & Trusts

– Wills
– Trusts
– Powers of Attorney
– Healthcare directives
– Pre-nuptial Agreements

Employment-Related Agreements

– Non-Compete Agreements
– Non-Disclosure Agreements
– Employment Agreements
– Independent Contractor Agreements

The contracts listed above are only a representative sample of what we can do for you. We draft many more types of contracts, but space does not permit us to list all of them. If you need a contract which is not specifically included above, please feel free to contact us. In all likelihood, we can help you.


Litigation is a very unfortunate fact of life. Despite the best intentions of the parties, some disputes simply cannot be resolved without the filing of a lawsuit as a last resort and putting your dispute in the hands of a judge or jury. If you are represented by The Marhoffer Law Firm, PLLC, we will make every reasonable effort to settle your dispute on terms that are acceptable to you. We will represent you at mediation and settlement conferences and seek to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible. In the event that full-fledged litigation is unavoidable, we will represent you to the best of our abilities and advocate your position as zealously as the law and professional ethics will permit us.